Bowel preparation instructions for colonoscopy:
AM & PM appointments.

Patient recovering after endoscopy procedure
Endoscopy patient recovery
A sachet of senna granules and two sachets of citramag are enclosed, please follow the instructions carefully to ensure a good result, which is essential for a proper examination.

Seven days before colonoscopy
Stop taking Iron tablets. If you are on warfarin tablets or a Diabetic, please ring the Endoscopy unit.

Four days before colonoscopy
Stop taking any constipating agents i.e. lomotil, codeine phosphate e.t.c which you may be prescribed, but continue with ail other medication and any laxatives until your appointment.

Two days before your colonoscopy
Eat only food from the following list: boiled or steamed white fish, boiled chicken, egg, cheese, white bread, butter, margarine, rich tea biscuits, potato (no skin). Have plenty to drink. Do not eat, High fibre foods such as red meat, pink fish, fruit, vegetables, cereals, salad, mushrooms, nuts, sweetcorn, wholemeal bread etc.

On the day before colonoscopy
Have a good breakfast of foods taken from yesterday's permitted list. After this do not eat any solid food until after your examination but drink plenty of clear fluids (tea, coffee, squash, alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks, water, clear soups, Bovril, Oxo, e.t.c.) You may have small amounts of milk in tea and coffee. Clear jelly and ice cream are permitted.

At 2.00pm commence the bowel preparation as follows: Mix the sachet of senna granules with half a cup of warm water and drink. To help wash it down drink more water.

At 5.00pm dissolve the contents of one sachet of Citramag in 200mls (8 fluid ozs) of hot water in a wide mouthed measuring jug. Allow to cool for at least a half hour before pouring into a suitable glass and drink. During the day drink at least one and half litres of fluid. At 7.00pm dissolve half of the second sachet of Citramag in 100mls (4 fluid ozs) of water and drink this solution. During the evening drink at least one and half litres of water.

On the day of your examination
At 6-7AM if you have a morning appointment or 9-1 OAM if you have an afternoon appointment, dissolve the other half of citramag as above and drink this solution as instructed above.

You should expect frequent bowel actions and eventually diarrhoea starting within three hours of the first dose. Some intestinal cramping is normal. Please use a barrier cream such as zinc and caster oil on your bottom to prevent soreness. Stay within easy reach of a toilet after commencing the preparation.

These may be continued until you arrive at the hospital. If at any stage you vomit the preparation mixtures, or you have any other concerns regarding this procedure please telephone the endoscopy department on:

0208 235 4141 or 0208 235 4142

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